I started shooting competitively in the mid 70's. My first competitions were with the 45 caliber pistol and the Free pistol. At this time, I was also shooting 4 position indoor small bore locally. I have always been interested in the different shooting disicplines. In the year 2000, I began shooting across the course and became distinguished soon after. I started shooting long range competitively around 2003. I shoot in matches all over the U.S. from Phoenix AZ to Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Ohio. During this time, I have built my own guns and worked on many for my friends. As I have retired, I plan to combine my two hobbies of wordworking and guns into this new endeavor of making stocks. I was fortunate enough to purchase a duplicator and with the help and guidance of Steve and Shirley McGee the hopes and dreams of making this reality are coming together. I am looking forward to making stocks and meeting more shooters from across the US. My wife Karen has been by my side for over 30 years. She has shot various disciplines, run matches, been statistician at matches, assisted on the firing line and safety officer in the pits. We will be working together on this new chapter in our lives and can't wait to meet new shooters.